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Our customers' questions on business aviation

Are there any health conditions that could make flying dangerous?

Restrictions are common, just like with regular flights.

Which private plane would be best for a group of 8 people? Comfort and reliability come first.

The optimum choice in terms of price and comfort ranges between Hawker 850 and Challenger 300. Of course, you could also charter a Global 6000 or a Gulfstream 650, if you prefer.

Can any of the flight personnel provide medical aid? What is the quality thereof? Is there a doctor on board?

Usually, there is no doctor on board. Emergency aid can be rendered by flight attendants: they are specially trained for this purpose.

Is there an opportunity to hold a business meeting on board the aeroplanes provided by your company? Are there any facilities for that?

This is common practice. While in flight, customers may hold negotiations between each other or with their partners, using satellite phone or satellite Internet.

Can one make personal crewing arrangements for the flight at your company?

This is a rather complicated procedure, as there is usually a permanent crew assigned to each specific aircraft. However, you can have the flight attendant replaced or request two flight attendants, as well as use the services of your own flight attendant.

What about the flight safety arrangements? How well are the pilots prepared?

All flying personnel is certified and licensed as pilots. Everyone on staff, as well as the air carrier itself, undergoes certification and clearance for work. Once in a specific period of time, pilots take professional development and training courses, which last throughout their entire career.

Please explain the concept of a "charter flight".

This is a customised flight intended for passenger transportation over the designated route within the timelines agreed in advance. In other words, a charter flight is flown by the customer's order and at the customer's expense, outside the boundaries of regular schedules. Simply put, a charter means that you order a flight as a whole, including the plane, crew, catering, passenger service, schedules and itineraries.

What is a business jet?

A business jet is a passenger plane developed to provide maximum comfort and convenience to VIP passengers. Commonly used by business people, officials, wealthy persons to travel the world. It implies the provision of top comfort level in flight (VIP catering, flowers, shower, bed, TV, phone, Internet, music, etc.). A business jet is also a full-fledged office complemented with extra facilities, up to and including a bathroom and a shower. This allows passengers to feel relaxes after a lengthy flight. Apart from that, the operating personnel is highly qualified and reliable, and each piece of equipment is perfectly safe.

Are there any onboard facilities allowing to keep on working while in the air, e.g., the Internet?

The Internet becomes an ever more important part of our life. The same is true for life on board an aeroplane. Lately, the available connection speed and quality have improved greatly. Our intercontinental flights come with free high-speed Internet access.

How is catering arranged on board a private plane?

Catering is at the top level. The personal manager assigned by our company will always ask about the customer's preferences. We can deliver meals from the customer's favourite restaurant in any part of the world. Nothing but VIP catering.

Hello! Which documents have to be executed in order to book an aeroplane? Do you provide any services to facilitate the execution of flight-related documents?

We provide you with a complete batch of documentation: your contract and flight application, an invoice, a statement of works performed / services rendered and a detailed tax invoice.

How can I pay the flight?

You can pay in cash (against a receipt issued through a cash register), by card or by transfer in accordance with the contract. It depends on the county where the customer is located.

How can I book a private flight with a business jet?

Call us or send a message to sales@jetvip.ru; you can also apply for a flight price quotation through our website, www.jetvip.ru

Can I change the details of a booked flight?

We always strive to be on the customer's side, so we are willing to do whatever we can if you need to have your route or schedule amended. In 99% of situations, we are able to change the date and time of departure without financial detriment to the customer.

What happens if I am late for my flight?

This is not infrequent with busy people who hire private planes, and we do treat such situations with understanding. We only ask you to warn us of the delay. This enables us to make proper arrangements for prompt amendment of the departure time.

Which airports can I choose as departure and destination points?

All airports with ICAO and IATA codes. The main restriction is the length and width of the airstrip, which must be suitable for a specific aircraft type.

What are the airport procedures I am going to go through upon departure and arrival?

Routine procedures, but simplified and expedited for your convenience. In the VIP mode. This makes sure that only minimum time and effort is required on your part. Business aviation is all about comfort, speed and quality.

Can I take a pet with me?

Sure, you just need to have the pet properly vaccinated and present a pet passport.

What is the crew complement?

Captain, co-pilot and flight attendant. Light planes are flown by a captain and a co-pilot, or just a captain.

Which catering options are available?

We use the services and menus of the most famous restaurants: Pushkin, Novikov, Ginza Project, Sumosan, Palazzo Ducale, La Maree, Shearwater, Semifreddo, Mario, Ju, Imperial Hunting, Gingko by Seiji, Nedalny Vostok, Fuji-Co, etc.

Is there an opportunity to order onboard catering from one's favourite restaurants?

This is just what everyone does.

Could one put, let's say, 7 passengers on board instead of 5, as it was agreed upon before?

Though this is possible, it is still preferable to have it reconciled in advance. The only restriction in this regard is the actual seating capacity of the aircraft.

Can I change the coordinated route?


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