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Pet owners often wish to take their companions with them on a trip. Pet transportation, however, has its own subtleties, so pet owners face a lot of questions to deal with. What does one need to transport a pet to a different country? How is the pet going to tolerate the flight? Is the pet going to be accepted aboard an aircraft at all?

Luckily, private charters offer a fast solution to this problem.

What is there to be taken into account when carrying live cargo?

The first matter to decide on is the right type of aircraft – not every plane is capable of offering comfortable environment to a pet. Aside from the live cargo compartment itself, the issues of altitude and pressure also have to be taken into consideration.

Apart from that, animals should be accompanied by a duly qualified veterinarian, to monitor the pet's condition during the flight and render medical aid if necessary.

It goes without saying that the pet must be properly vaccinated and have a valid pet passport.

Live cargo transportation by JetVip LLC

Of course, creating an environment suitable for a pet in order to endure the flight easily is a complicated issue when using regular airlines. This is where you might want to consider the opportunity to use the live cargo transportation service offered by JetVip LLC.

Our approach is focused on preserving the health of your pet. You can discuss the transportation conditions for your pet with our manager at the time of order. We shall help you select a plane where the pet would feel comfortable, without being agitated by noise or pressure.

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