VIP freight service

Continental freight transportation is usually done by land, due to financial consideration, but this mode requires considerable time. Such transportation mode is adequate, for instance, for production supply delivery.

Sometimes, however, delivery by land is objectionable. This is when air freight carriers step in.

What are these occasions?

  • Urgent delivery of spare parts or equipment by air.
  • Urgent delivery of expensive machinery and freight with a business jet
  • Intercontinental delivery.
  • Urgent delivery of highly valuable equipment.
  • Shipments to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Humanitarian flights.
  • Transportation of precious and delicate cargo.

JetVip LLC offers VIP class air transportation services. You can rely on us to deliver everything intact, with promptitude, to any part of the world.

Benefits of contracting our company

We pay special attention to the issues of safety and service level, which implies that:

  • the delivery will be handled in the promptest manner;
  • all your instructions regarding the storage of delicate transported cargo will be complied with;
  • we can even reach the most remote areas.

Of course, you do not always have to charter an entire plane for transportation. We can reserve the required space for you on board the next flight outbound to the desired location.

Executing an air transportation contract is no harder than renting a car. Our entire fleet is no more than six years old, and our pilots are some of the best professionals available. This means that you can entrust even the most valuable cargo to us for handling. Rest assured – it is definitely going to reach its destination!

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