More often, cargo transportation within the continent is carried out by land transport. Land carriage is low-budget, but requires considerable amount of time. This type of delivery is excellent, for example, for the supply of industrial raw materials.

But there are some cases where land transport is undesirable and it is worth remembering of the air cargo carriage.

When is air cargo carriage necessary?

  • Delivery of the cargo from one continent to another;
  • Urgent delivery;
  • Dispatch of cargo to remote places;
  • Humanitarian flights (for example, delivery of medicines to the disaster area);
  • Delivery of valuable and delicate cargo

Jet Port group of companies provides all-cargo service of the VIP rank. You can be sure that the cargo will be delivered safely and quickly anywhere in the world

Jet Port air cargo carriage advantages

Our company pays special attention to the security and service level. Therefore:

  • Delivery of the cargo will be organized efficiently;
  • We will follow your instructions on storage conditions for the carriage of delicate cargo;
  • We can get even to the remote areas.

Certainly, it’s not necessary to rent a whole aircraft for the carriage of the cargo. We can find a place for it on the aircraft which is going to the point of destination in the nearest time. 

To make a contract on air freight is no more complicated than to rent a car. We will quickly prepare all the documents and you may rest assured that your cargo will be picked up for transportation. All of our aircrafts are not older than six years, all pilots are highly skilled. Therefore, you can entrust even the most valuable cargo to us. Be sure, it will certainly reach the point of destination!