Private plane flights

JetVip LLC offers private plane flights since 2003

Over the years, we have acquired vast experience in the domain of flight management, and are now capable of implementing the most complicated projects to deliver our customers to any location on the planet.

Our customers enjoy a multitude of guaranteed benefits:

  • Perfect confidentiality;
  • Transaction processing within 3 hours;
  • Just 10 minutes to settle all airport formalities and board a plane;

We do our best to maintain our exquisite service level and ensure the safety of our customers:

  • Our pilots undergo training in Europe each year;
  • We fulfil any wishes our customers might have regarding the in-flight service and cuisine;
  • Flight attendants are selected through the use of a strict screening procedure, ensuring superb service quality.

У нас можно заказать и купить полет на самолете

Our employees provide full guidance whenever you book a flight with us. We are ready to assist you with route planning in any way possible.

You can order a flight through the feedback form or by phone. We can provide you with anything you might need for a comfortable journey.

Private plane flights: a broad selection of private jets

Great rates, circumspect routes – an ideal choice

Airbus 319 Corporate Jet

  • Дальность 12000 km
  • Скорость850 km/h
  • Пассажиров39
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Gulfstream G650

  • Дальность 12964 km
  • Скорость904 km/h
  • Пассажиров11
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Gulfstream G-280

  • Дальность 6667 km
  • Скорость850 km/h
  • Пассажиров10
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