Medical aviation

You can rely on JetVip LLC to make the due arrangements for fast and safe patient transportation inland or to any destination around the globe. We have extensive experience in airborne medical operations. The company's fleet includes several specially outfitted aircraft units.

Air transportation of bedridden patients is a task of major importance, which requires thorough preparations:

  • medical aircraft must be fitted with a range of special equipment. The required inventory may include various equipment, from common holders, drip stands and auxiliary materials to special electronic machines;
  • patients often require first aid. Thanks to their ample experience in airborne medicine and ongoing professional development efforts, our employees are ready to render the required aid at a moment's notice;
  • our pilots exercise maximum care when transporting bedridden patients. They fly their aircraft with an eye towards avoiding any complications (buffet, turbulence, etc.).

Only several companies can ensure such conditions. In turn, such exquisite operational quality level can only be achieved by two or three companies across Russia. We are one of these companies.

Medical aviation costs


Planning and organisation: Charter flight tickets

As per the air carrier's rates

Reconciliation with air carriers and medical institutions

7000 ₽ [roubles]

"Flight preparation"

  • Equipment setup and installation, procurement of the required drugs and hardware;

  • Flight to the required location.

10000 ₽ [roubles]

Patient escort


5000 ₽/hour

For patient conditions of severity degree I

10000 ₽/hour

For patient conditions of severity degree II (resuscitation expert)

15000 ₽/hour

For patient conditions of severity degree II (resuscitation team)

20000 ₽/hour

Patient escort abroad by a healthcare practitioner

(the flight and hotel accommodation are paid separately by the customer)

7000 ₽/day

VIP charter services


10000 ₽/hour


15000 ₽/hour


20000 ₽/hour

Intensive care

40000 ₽/hour


60000 ₽/hour

Particular aspects of medical aviation

Airborne medical operations can be divided into two main categories: evacuation and transportation. The first type requires rescuing people from emergency areas (natural or social cataclysms, avalanche sites, fires) – this is medical evacuation. Patients are evacuated using special aircraft: Lear 35 A, Lear 55, Lear 60, Challenger 604 planes.

The second medical aviation service type is the transportation of patients from one country to another, accompanied by the provision of medical aid by foreign experts. Wealthy people are not the only ones to benefit from such operations, as this type of treatment can be the only option available in certain circumstances.

The main advantage of our company in this domain is the high quality of patient transportation aircraft. These are fitted with:

  • intensive care units;
  • facilities for transporting patients in critical condition. Aircraft cabins are equipped with machinery to maintain the required air temperature and pressure on board;
  • wide doors that facilitate the loading of stretchers;
  • life support systems to provide the required patient care during the flight: stretchers, cardiac monitors, defibrillators, pulmonary ventilation units. All equipment is fixed in place with special braces, allowing comfortable use and preventing any potential problems.

We also provide or medical aircraft to transports remains of the deceased from Russia and from other countries. (HR - coffin). Courteous attendants will take care of any formalities and flight details that could worsen the relatives' grief. The company will settle everything. If required, ritual respects can be paid in accordance with the religion of the deceased.

Our range of operations expands far beyond the domain of medical aviation. The company also manages various trips. We can provide help with transfer to/from the airport and book rooms in an appropriate hotel. Unfailing customer satisfaction is the best parameter to reflect the quality of our services.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail to ask any questions regarding medical aviation. The company works 24/7.

Medical aircraft

Patient evacuation with Yak-40



A comfortable aeroplane for passenger transportation over medium distances. Developed in the 1960s. Yak-40 has the rightful title of the first jet airliner for local air carriers. The aircraft is noted for outstanding safety.

Flight performance

  • Range: 1200 kilometres
  • Cruising airspeed: 510 km/h.
  • Maximum flight altitude: 8100 m.
  • Layout characteristics

Maximum passenger capacity: 17.

Optimum number of passengers: 10.

Medical flights with Tu-134 by JetVip



This jet airliner is one of the most produced aeroplanes in Russian aircraft industry. The first passenger aircraft of the Soviet origin to undergo certification abroad. Operated by international airlines since 1968. Over 850 series-produced aeroplanes.

Flight performance

  • Range: 3300 km.
  • Cruising airspeed: 850 km/h.
  • Maximum flight altitude: 10 100 m.

Layout characteristics

Maximum passenger capacity: 25.

Optimum number of passengers: 20.

Exigent transportation of human remains with An-12



A plane with outstanding technical parameters, developed by the leading aviation engineers of the Soviet Union. Its obvious advantages are operational economy and ease of operation. As a result, the aeroplane can be hired at an acceptable cost whilst maintaining high comfort level.

Flight performance

  • Range: 5600 km.
  • Cruising airspeed: 640 km/h.
  • Maximum flight altitude: 10200 m.

Layout characteristics

Maximum passenger capacity: 150.

Optimum number of passengers: 90.

Medical aeroplane Pilatus PC-12

Pilatus PC-12


Pilatus PC-12 is fitted with turbo-propeller engines. First introduced in 1992, this model underwent 12 modifications by today. The last-generation aircraft are fitted with advanced integrated avionics and feature improved cockpit ergonomics, developed in partnership with engineers of BMW Designworks USA. A cost-effective, safe and versatile aircraft.

Flight performance

  • Range: 2500 km.
  • Cruising airspeed: 500 km/h.
  • Maximum flight altitude: 9100 m.

Layout characteristics

Maximum passenger capacity: 9.

Optimum number of passengers: 6.

Medical transportation with Hawker 800xp

Hawker 800xp


This medium-sized twin-engine aeroplane is custom-built for business aviation purposes. Its prototype is the British Aerospace BAe 125. As of today, the 800xp model is produced by Hawker Beechcraft.

Flight performance

  • Range: 4780 km.
  • Cruising airspeed: 790 km/h.
  • Maximum flight altitude: 12 500 m.

Layout characteristics

Maximum passenger capacity: 8.

Optimum number of passengers: 5.

Patient transportation with Hawker 850xp

Hawker 850xp


An up-to-date business jet based on the Hawker 800 model. This aircraft is valued for the perfect combination of structural simplicity, reliability and cost-effectiveness. It is perfectly comfortable and safe.

Flight performance

  • Range: 4900 km.
  • Cruising airspeed: 745 km/h.
  • Maximum flight altitude: 12 500 m.

Layout characteristics

Maximum passenger capacity: 13.

Optimum number of passengers: 8.

Medical transportation with Embraer Legacy 600

Embrearl Legacy 600


Embraer Legacy 600, developed by a Brazilian company. This is a business jet of a larger class. It is structurally based on the principles used in models ERJ-135 and ERJ-145. Produced in corporate and executive versions. Distinguished by its spacious cabin and wise seating layout.

Flight performance

  • Range: 6300 km.
  • Cruising airspeed: 820 km/h.
  • Maximum flight altitude: 12 500 m.

Layout characteristics

Maximum passenger capacity: 14.

Optimum number of passengers: 8.

Challenger 850 medical aircraft

Challenger 850


In Russia, this plane was first introduced at the Jet Expo 2006, which took place in Moscow. The advantages of this model are fuel-efficient power units, comfortable layout and ergonomic cabin. A great choice for a mid-distance business trip.

Flight performance

  • Range: 5200 km.
  • Cruising airspeed: 800 km/h.
  • Maximum flight altitude: 12 500 m.

Layout characteristics

Maximum passenger capacity: 16.

Optimum number of passengers: 12.


Our partners

Latest medical flight experience


At the end of February 2018, an Israeli clinic filed an urgent request to fly a patient from Moscow to Tel Aviv. The patient's post-surgery condition was aggravated by complications. Following the application filed in the morning, a Hawker 850XP was standing by with a medical team on board this very evening. An ambulance car drove underneath the aircraft at the Vnukovo-3 Terminal, and the patient was carried into the plane. Everything was performed in a very fast and professional way.


The customer wanted us to select the optimum aeroplane for transporting a patient for the scheduled surgery in Tel Aviv, Israel. Our company has assigned a Learjet 60XR, and the patient was delivered from Vnukovo-3 to Tel Aviv a day after. An ambulance car took the patient to Vnukovo-3, right to the aircraft. The patient reached the destination safe and sound, and underwent the required surgery shortly afterwards. In a few weeks, we took him back with a common business jet, accompanied by a personal physician.


In August, an insurance company requested us to fly a mother with an infant from Chelyabinsk to Moscow for treatment. They were supposed to fly with an accompanying healthcare provider and oxygen equipment. We have provided a Hawker 800 in 8 hours. The flight went smooth, and the customer was most grateful for the speed and quality.

Medical aviation: transportation and evacuation

A broad variety of medical aircraft available

Туполев ТУ-134

  • Дальность 2770 km
  • Скорость850 km/h
  • Пассажиров96
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Ил-76 ТД

  • Дальность 5500 km
  • Скорость850 km/h
  • Пассажиров90
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Legacy 600

  • Дальность 6019 km
  • Скорость790 km/h
  • Пассажиров13
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Cessna Citation Longitude

  • Дальность 6482 km
  • Скорость882 km/h
  • Пассажиров12
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