Medical evacuation is not a cheerful event, but necessary for life saving. It is connected with transportation of the injured people from the disaster area to the place where they can receive an adequate medical care. Services of this kind are not provided by all carriers. 

And here is why.

  • Medical flights require special equipment of the aircraft. Not every board has all the things required to solve this problem.
  • Often injured people need first aid before evacuation – our employees know the basics of the first aid and are able to apply their knowledge in practice.
  • Our pilots are qualified enough to navigate an aircraft in an emergency situation. 

Medical flights

Air ambulances can be connected not only with mass disasters, but also with the transportation of patients from clinic to clinic. We understand that air transportation of patients requires particular attention of the staff and special conditions. And we are happy to provide you with it.

Our aircrafts:

  • Are equipped with intensive care units;
  • Suitable for passengers in critical condition who must be transported in a horizontal position under certain conditions (pressure/temperature);
  • Have wide doors for easy transportation of the passengers on stretchers.

Jet Port Charters is an ambulance aviation of Russia, equipped according to the international standards.  Extra comfort and guaranteed calm, special feeding and qualified health workers are on board of our jets.  For evacuation we provide a number of specially equipped medical aircrafts - Lear 35 A, Lear 55, Lear 60, Challenger 604.

The company Jet Port Charters is an air ambulance service that provides immediate medical evacuation from anywhere in the world. We have everything needed on boards of our aircrafts for survival: stretchers, cardiac monitor, defibrillator, medical ventilator and other equipment.

You can be sure that on board of Jet Port’s aircrafts your family will be safe not only during flight. We also offer services on meeting at the airport, organizing of comfortable conditions while waiting for the flight, hotels reservation and transfers.  

Cargo 200

When talking about medical flights, unfortunately, we can not ignore the more delicate subject - transporting of the dead. Jet Port Company can arrange transportation of Cargo 200 anywhere in the world. You can also arrange additional services, check more details with our managers.
Jet Port Charters air ambulance service is ready 24 hours/7 days a week to come to the rescue if someone gets into trouble. 

Our last medical flights 

The client requested to find the best aircraft for the transportation of a patient to Israel (Tel Aviv) for a surgery. Our company provided him with a Learjet 60XR aircraft and the next day we already transported the patient from Vnukovo-3 to Tel Aviv. An ambulance brought the patient to the airport Vnukovo-3 directly on board. The patient was successfully transported and further on operated. In a few weeks we safely brought him back  on a common business jet accompanied by his personal doctor. 

In August we were addressed by an insurance company with a request to transport a nursing infant with his mother from Chelyabinsk to Moscow for treatment. The accompanying physician and oxygen equipment were required for transportation as well.  We provided a Hawker 800 aircraft in 8 hours. The flight was successful and the client was very grateful for the speed and quality of service.