Air courier delivery

JetVip erases the boundaries! Now you can arrange a delivery to any location worldwide. At that, you do not have to charter an entire plane – our courier is going to collect your parcel and take it to the recipient with the first flight available.

As withcitywidedeliveries, the courier is responsible for the security of your parcel.

How is it done?

  1. First, we determine the fastest way to get to the destination.
  2. Our courier will collect the parcel from you.
  3. You will receive a confirmation of dispatch.
  4. Then, our employee sets off to the destination, following the planned route.
  5. If any force majeure circumstances (e.g., flight delay) occur, we alter the route to speed up the delivery.
  6. Upon delivery, the recipient signs an acknowledgement of receipt, and you receive a confirmation of successful delivery to your e-mail.

Air courier delivery – for valuable goods

Benefits of cooperating with us

  • We offer the fastest possible way to deliver a parcel to a different city or country.
  • We undertake the settlement of any dispatch issues – you just hand the parcel over to a courier and track its progress remotely.
  • We practice the most careful approach to the property of our customers, which means that you can entrust even the most valuable goods to us.

As of today, this mode of delivery is widely popular with financial organisations, governments, freight operators and air carriers. Try it to see how convenient it is!

Feel free to contact our manager for more information on the service.

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