Isolated areas

Do you need to get to a location unreachable with ground transport? No regular flights to your destination? JetVip LLC has the solution!

JetVip LLC stands for perfect aircraft condition, qualified staff and experienced pilots. We can reach even the most remote locations, including:

  1. Military conflict regions;
  2. Areas affected by natural disasters;
  3. Locations affected by strikes and political disorder;
  4. Natural resource deposits (including oil deposits);


Apart from that, we are capable of delivering valuable cargo, such as:

  • Required equipment;
  • Humanitarian aid;
  • General consumer goods;
  • Mechanisms and machinery;
  • Medications.

Our experience in the industry lets us pick the right aircraft, best suited to the destination and objectives of the flight, manage the flight and cargo delivery, ensure flight safety with ease and efficiency.

No region is inaccessible for us. Fly to any part of the world with JetVip LLC!

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