Group charters

JetVip LLC manages both private and group flights.

Our customers enjoy excellence in every aspects of comfort and safety. With us, you can place an order for a group charter. This service is popular with:

  • Sports teams;
  • Music bands
  • Ship crews;
  • Film production teams;
  • Creative groups;
  • Private schools.

One of the main features of a group charter is its price efficiency, as compared to a private flight.

We have streamed our efforts into a number of factors that brought us a considerable loyal customer audience. Our key secret, of course, is that we prioritise the customer over anything else and strive to fulfil every wish.

Having chartered a corporate flight, you have the opportunity to determine your own menu to be served during the flight. Our customers never have any registration problems, never stand in lines and never face any delays due to enhanced security screening. Your luggage never gets lost and never flies to a different destination. A single manager is in charge of leading a corporate charter. He is going to deal with any flight-related issues and do everything to attract you as yet another loyal customer of our company.

Aside from group charters, we can also offer a range of ground services: transfer to the airport, meeting at the destination point, accommodation booking, etc. We also follow your preferences regarding the cabin design and do our best to meet any additional requirements you might have. We are your ideal choice for a corporate charter. Our company has a wealth of experience and managing corporate and group charters and air conveyance worldwide. Our managers can help you calculate the exact cost of carrying your team or group to the desired destination.

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Business jets for corporate customers and group flights

Gulfstream G-280

  • Дальность 6667 km
  • Скорость850 km/h
  • Пассажиров10
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Airbus 319 Corporate Jet

  • Дальность 12000 km
  • Скорость850 km/h
  • Пассажиров39
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Туполев ТУ-204

  • Дальность 6810 km
  • Скорость850 km/h
  • Пассажиров210
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