Rent of private planes, helicopters, aircraft hangars for shooting videos of different complexity

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JetVip LLC has been providing aircraft of various kinds for filming motion pictures, TV series, music clips and other media for 7 years. This is an elegant solution to use when one requires an aerial vehicle to be in the picture.


Unleash your creativity, and rely on us to handle the rest

Aside from free advice, we can also undertake the entire scope of work associated with selecting and providing aircraft to suit your needs and objectives

Our services
Aircraft hire for static filming
Aircraft of any kind for you to film on stage or in a hangar within the territory of an airport
Aircraft hire for dynamic filming
Film the flight of any aircraft at your chosen location or at a film set
Film shoots in hangar premises and at different airport facilities
Over 50 thousand square metres of indoor space within the territory of Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and other airports.
A photo shoot in a private plane
Over 500 different private aeroplanes and helicopters for your photo shoot

Over 500 different aircraft for any task you could have at hand

From a small private plane or helicopter to a huge airliner in a standard or VIP configuration

The company's benefits

Primary and profound consulting is provided at a high professional level to brief you on any aspects of the aircraft industry


Fast and professional preparation of aircraft for film shooting


The most lucrative price quotations for the hire of various aircraft and aptitude to work within different budget boundaries

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Experts opinion is that JETVIP LLC as the most dynamic business aviation broker in Russia

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