Private VIP flight

Over the lengthy course of its operation, our company has acquired ample experience, bringing VIP flight management to the highest possible level.

Taking great pride in our reputation, we never relent in shaping our service to perfection:
  • just 3 hours to arrange a flight with a VIP aircraft;
  • annual professional training for all pilots;
  • only flawless service and best flight attendants;
  • comprehensive consulting and optimum flight costs.
Regular direct cooperation with 50 partnering air carriers allows fast identification of the best option to suit your request.
If you find a lower price, we will most likely be able to arrange a VIP class flight at the same cost.

Compare our rates to those of the competition or consult your permanent broker.

With us, you can place an order for a VIP charter.

A wide choice of VIP aircraft for any objective.

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