Business VIP charter

JetVip LLC provides business charter services at Vnukovo-3. We have acquired ample experience in operating flights to any part of the planet.

With us, no distance will ever slow you down:

  • You can charter an aeroplane and set off within just 3 hours;
  • Top-class VIP charter implies the availability of multifarious conveniences on board;
  • Pilots undergo training at the best flight schools of Europe each year;
  • VIP business charter passengers enjoy expedited flight document execution procedures (within 10 minutes).

Before chartering a plane at Vnukovo-3, feel free to ask any questions you might have to our managers.

Plane charter fees are calculated individually, considering the customer's preferences in respect of in-flight service and menu. Being a supreme class service provider, we naturally take every wish of our customers into consideration.

Business VIP charter – the best aircraft at your disposal

Marvellous business jets for VIP charter flights to any part of the world

Gulfstream G-280

  • Дальность 6667 km
  • Скорость850 km/h
  • Пассажиров10
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