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Airborne taxi – helicopter hire in Moscow

JetVip LLC has a broad experience in the provision of helicopters for rent in Russia and Europe and offers optimum price management. Our database of partnering helicopter operators is updated on a regular basis, and the market is profoundly scanned in search for the best flight option for each customer individually. The company is guaranteed to offer the best helicopter hire rates in Moscow, thanks to our expertise in the field and extensive market scanning efforts for price optimisation. Just call JetVip LLC and get the best helicopter hire scheme from our sales department. Helicopters are available for hire at any time of day or night by calling +7(495)545-45-35 or writing tosales@jetvip.ru

Helicopter rent at Vnukovo-3

In 2017, the Vnukovo-3 Terminal has completed the construction of a new helicopter lane. Our company offers chartered helicopter flights from Vnukovo-3 to Sheremetyevo / Domodedovo, as well as other routes. Renting a helicopter at the Vnukovo-3 Terminal is very convenient for those who want a fast and comfortable flight to New Riga Heliport or other helipads. We offer helicopter hire in Moscow at the providers' price. To hire a helicopter from Vnukovo-3 or any other VIP terminal, use the Order button or call us on the phone.

What are the benefits of a helicopter taxi?

First of all, it can save you a great deal of time.

Do you need to get to the other side of the city ASAP? Examine a vast territory or see a place not reachable by regular flights, by road or rail? A helicopter is a great solution.

An unforgettable experience

A date of a lifetime? A romantic flight in the evening sky over Moscow, or a visit to a remote, romantically secluded location? Helicopters reveal a great number of opportunities for those who enjoy making and having an ultimate impression.

Quality leisure

Sometimes, you can only spare a few days to rest. This is when you probably don't wish to waste the precious time in transit. A helicopter taxi is your fastest means of getting to a mountain resort, a hunting site or a fishing spot.


Helicopters are far faster than just about any land vehicle and do not depend on road quality at all, allowing fast transportation to the least accessible locations.


Helicopter taxi fees in Moscow

The hourly rate for hiring a piloted helicopter depends on the aircraft model and the desired route (flying over Moscow is considerably more expensive).

These are the hourly helicopter hire rates you may expect

Helicopter photo Helicopter model Price in Moscow Price in St. Petersburg
аренда вертолета в Москве Helicopter Robinson R44 from 32000 ₽/hour from 37900 ₽/hour
сколько стоит час полета на вертолете Helicopter Robinson R66 Call +7(495)545-45-35 to specify Call +7(495)545-45-35 to specify
Bell 206 B III - вертолет на час, цена Helicopter Bell 206 B III Call +7(495)545-45-35 to specify from 46000 ₽/hour
EC130 - вертолетное такси в Москве Helicopter EC130 from 74000 ₽/hour Call +7(495)545-45-35 to specify
Знаете сколько стоит заказать вертолет на час AS 355? Helicopter AS 355 from 59000 ₽/hour Call +7(495)545-45-35 to specify
Ми-8 Helicopter Мi-8 Call +7(495)545-45-35 to specify from 119000 ₽/hour
VIP-класс Ми-8 VIP class helicopter Мi-8 Call +7(495)545-45-35 to specify 130000 ₽/hour
Bell 407 Helicopter Bell 407 from 75500 ₽/hour from 70000 ₽/hour
Bell 429 Helicopter Bell 429 from 90000 ₽/hour from 110000 ₽/hour
KA-32 KA-32 from 220000 ₽/hour Call +7(495)545-45-35 to specify
МИ - 26Т МI - 26Т from 540000 ₽/hour Call +7(495)545-45-35 to specify

Helicopter hire as a business is still revving into gear in Moscow. Nevertheless, all the more people come to appreciate this convenient and versatile mode of transportation. Our company is your number one source of technically perfect, up-to-date helicopters, best pilots and sophisticated service. Our managers shall help you plan your route and choose the best option for a comfortable flight.

Why would one consider hiring a helicopter?

The two principal purposes are as follows:

  • Helicopter taxi – an ultra-fast way to travel from one location to another. Routes are commonly planned between the most appropriate helipads near the Moscow Ring Road;
  • Helicopter tours provide a marvellous opportunity to see the world at a yet undiscovered angle. From a bird's eye view, everything looks radically different. The flight itself is guaranteed to inspire a multitude of positive emotions. Add the magnificent views and fascinating stories from our guides in the mix for an ideal tour of the vicinity.

NB! Our loyalcustomerscan enjoy a great opportunity to hire helicopters through the use of a discount system!

We provide helicopters for business trips between cities. A helicopter can also be delivered for hire to other regions of Russia. And, of course, the special luxury is to hire a helicopter for an event. The effect of its appearance is definitely worth every single rouble spent..

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