Private jet charter

Private jet charter gives you a unique opportunity to make the most of your time and schedule your trips with nothing but your own plans and itineraries in mind.

This section provides more details on the benefits you can enjoy through cooperation with JetVip LLC.

Hiring a VIP plane ensures maximum possible service level and minimises documentation and route planning issues. Our company offers lucrative terms for chartering crewed aeroplanes. It is essential for us to provide everything you might need for a safe and comfortable journey. Our planes are perfectly reliable, pilots undergo training on an annual basis, flight attendants are thoroughly screened and perfectly trained, the in-flight menu can be customised to suit your taste.

You can book a private plane through our managers. They will help you choose the right aircraft, lay the route and shape your plans to perfection.

The company owns seven aircraft for hire. The entire fleet meets the top standards in terms of comfort and safety. These aeroplanes offer different technical specifications and passenger capacity (9 to 50 seats).

The charter price covers the entire range of flight management services, vehicle provision, a private waiting room, food from any restaurant in Moscow to enjoy en route, all the benefits of a VIP terminal.

How much does it cost to charter a private plane?

No single price can be determined, as it depends on a number of factors. You can expect the final amount to range between 3.5 and 70 thousand EUR.

У нас можно арендовать самолет за 20 минут!

The main factors of charter price:

  • Aircraft model.. The greater is the seating capacity of a plane, the more expensive it will be to rent (€ 3500 — € 11 000 per flight hour);
  • Route. Aside from the type of your aircraft, the rates also depend on how long it is going to remain airborne without refuelling and the conditions it is going to fly in. For example, the less landings there are prior to arrival to the destination, the less expensive is the charter going to be;
  • Number of passengers. We provide VIP class service, which implies certain costs. Each additional passenger entails extra expenses. For instance, if you booked a private flight from Moscow to Nice, you would pay 30 000+ EUR plus 425 EUR per passenger. The cost includes VIP catering and VIP terminal at Vnukovo-3;
  • Number of idle days. If you wish to book a round trip, you will also have to pay the stay of your private plane in the destination airport. These fees are individual for each specific region and depend on the type of aircraft (standing fee), the cost of demurrage in a specific airport and the company's profit.

With these parameters in mind, you can deliver an approximate calculation of the private plane charter costs you might incur. Yet, dozens of less significant factors are also taken into account. Our operators can prepare an exact calculation for you. Call us at any time to specify the charter conditions. Hiring a plane only takes about 20 minutes!

Best private aeroplanes for rent

A wide choice of private planes at great prices

Gulfstream G650

  • Дальность 12964 km
  • Скорость904 km/h
  • Пассажиров11
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Airbus 319 Corporate Jet

  • Дальность 12000 km
  • Скорость850 km/h
  • Пассажиров39
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Туполев ТУ-204

  • Дальность 6810 km
  • Скорость850 km/h
  • Пассажиров210
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