Private Jet Charter

Business jet hire is the core service provided by JetVip LLC, which means that the quality standards thereof are beyond excellence.

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Group charters

One of the main features of a group charter is its price efficiency, as compared to a private flight.

We have streamed our efforts into a number of factors that brought us a considerable loyal customer audience. Our key secret, of course, is that we prioritise the customer over anything else and strive to fulfil every wish.

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Medical aviation

You can rely on JetVip LLC to make the due arrangements for fast and safe patient transportation inland or to any destination around the globe. We have extensive experience in airborne medical operations and air ambulance services. The company's fleet includes several specially outfitted aircraft units. Trust us to arrange a medical flight in the shortest possible time!

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Helicopter hire

JetVip LLC has a broad experience in the provision of helicopters for rent in Russia and Europe and offers optimum price management. Our database of partnering helicopter operators is updated on a regular basis, and the market is profoundly scanned in search for the best flight option for each customer individually. The company is guaranteed to offer the best helicopter hire rates in Moscow, thanks to our expertise in the field and extensive market scanning efforts for price optimisation. Just call JetVip LLC and get the best helicopter hire scheme from our sales department. Helicopters are available for hire at any time of day or night by calling +7(495)545-45-35 or writing to

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Empty legs

In pursuit of more lucrative terms for its customers, the JetVip LLC aviation broker offers Empty-Leg flight booking. This can cut down the cost of chartering a flight to a great extent. Ultimately, you could save some 20 to 70% of the price of hiring a private plane through the use of this scheme (one-way flight).

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Остальные услуги

Долгосрочная аренда самолета

Долгосрочной аренды самолета – это аренда определенного типа самолета с экипажем на длительный срок (минимум 2-3 месяца) с гарантированным минимальным налетом часов в месяц (обычно от 40 часов и более). Договор заключается как с физ, так и с юр лицом

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Private VIP flight

Over the lengthy course of its operation, our company has acquired ample experience, bringing VIP flight management to the highest possible level.

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Aeroplane charter

JetVip LLC offers ample aeroplane charter opportunities to its customers

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Air courier delivery

JetVip erases the boundaries! Now you can arrange a delivery to any location worldwide. At that, you do not have to charter an entire plane – our courier is going to collect your parcel and take it to the recipient with the first flight available.

As withcitywidedeliveries, the courier is responsible for the security of your parcel.

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Urgent charter

The urgent charter service is developed for those who value their time over anything. Wasting precious minutes is unacceptable for a person of business. Feel free to entrust any organisational issues to JetVip LLC.

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Cargo aircraft charter

Why is freight dispatch with JetVip LLC so popular?

First of all, it is very convenient. You discuss the delivery with our manager, state your preferences, and then forget the entire issue until the freight reaches its recipient (which is promptly communicated to you by e-mail or SMS).

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Private plane flights

JetVip LLC offers private plane flights since 2003

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Live cargo

Pet owners often wish to take their companions with them on a trip. Pet transportation, however, has its own subtleties, so pet owners face a lot of questions to deal with. What does one need to transport a pet to a different country? How is the pet going to tolerate the flight? Is the pet going to be accepted aboard an aircraft at all?

Luckily, private charters offer a fast solution to this problem.

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Private jet charter

Private jet charter gives you a unique opportunity to make the most of your time and schedule your trips with nothing but your own plans and itineraries in mind.

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Isolated areas

Do you need to get to a location unreachable with ground transport? No regular flights to your destination? JetVip LLC has the solution!

JetVip LLC stands for perfect aircraft condition, qualified staff and experienced pilots. We can reach even the most remote locations, including:

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Humanitarian charters

When it comes to humanitarian aid, it is especially important to deliver essential supplies to the right location on time. Unfortunately, regular airlines are of no use here, and delivery by land vehicles takes too much time. A private charter is the answer.

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