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The fleet available for hire offers aircraft of different capacity – from a small 5-seat plane to a spacious airliner. Hiring aircraft through our company is a guarantee of high quality and exceptional service level.

We offer the following opportunities:

  • Premium-class VIP charter booking for flights to any destination worldwide;
  • Corporate charter application processing.

We cooperate with numerous private and corporate customers from both Russia and foreign countries. Thanks to many years of experience in the domain of business aviation, expeditious application processing and personnel expertise, the company maintains a prominent position in this market segment. We will have the right aircraft for you to hire for a business trip or a recreational flight. At that, our customers never depend on regular flight schedules – the choice of routes, dates, times and aircraft types is up to you. Perfect safety and unfailing operational efficiency guaranteed. You can even hire a private aircraft 3-4 hours prior to take-off.

The company's own fleet ensures a broad selection of planes of different models and capaciousness – this can be a Russian aeroplane or an imported vehicle.

Tentative private flight costs are provided below.

The priceincludes VIP class service, VIP terminal, catering from your favourite restaurant.

The price does notincludetreatment with de-icing fluid, if required in wintertime.

Number of passengers: 4

Aircraft types: Hawker 850XP/900xp, Challenger 300/350/604/605, Embraer Legacy 600/650.

Flights from Vnukovo-3 to Europe:
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Within russia
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Наша компания готова организовать перелеты в труднодоступные аэропорты, нефтегазовые месторождения. Талакан, Благовещенск, Mirny, Ухта, Воркута, Усть-Кут и др.

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What are the factors affecting the cost of flight with a business jet / private plane?

Private plane hire fees depend on a number of parameters:

Aircraft type
The larger the plane, the more expensive it is, as well as its rental fees. Hourly rental fee payable for a business jet starts from 1 500€ and can reach up to 11 000€ (depends on the aircraft type).
Flight route
The more hours airborne, the more lucrative is the price per hour. Short flights can cost as much as longer routes.
Number of passengers
Each passenger requires the services of a VIP terminal and VIP catering. Here is a simple example: If you fly from Moscow to Nice, each additional passenger is going to cost 275€ – the service fee charged by the Vnukovo-3 VIP Terminal, and 150€ for VIP catering. Total: 425€ – cost per passenger.
Idle time
A route with one day of idle time between flights would cost less than if there were 2 or more idle days.
Private jet charter and jet hire prices

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