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As of today, UAB "RYTINIS"is a dependable international company with over 12 years of experience in the domain of business aviation. The company's headquarters is situated in Vnukovo, Terminal 3. Our experts speak several languages and can help schedule a flight for you to any destination worldwide 24/7. The company's customer audience is comprised of big business executives, the world's largest corporations, political and corporate elite, business tour operators.

UAB "RYTINIS" has been providing business aviation services worldwide since 2003. The service our customers enjoy truly deserves to be designated as VIR aviation. At any time of day or night, with no days off, you can count on us.

VIP авиация от ДжетВип

UAB "RYTINIS" focuses on business aviation flight management.

The UAB "RYTINIS"aviation broker was incorporated with a mission of providing the fullest range of business aviation services in Russia, the CIS countries and beyond.

As consumers of our own services, we primarily look at flight through the eyes of those inside the aeroplane. By paying scrupulous attention to every detail, we turn your flight into an amazing experience. Hire of business aircraft through us means high quality, reliability and comfort. Applications for flights with any type of business aircraft are accepted round the clock through all communication channels.

Business air carriers naturally emphasise customer convenience as a priority, and we have taken this essential component of success to the absolute. You can select the services you require in order to make your flight on board our aircraft comfortable, and then just rely on us to make sure everything is provided in full at the required time.

We are the best ones to represent the business aviation industry

UAB "RYTINIS" works with a mission of allowing you to:

Order and hire a VIP charter flight;

Order an aeroplane for corporate business flights;

Order and hire a helicopter;

Rent an aeroplane for large tonnage air freight operations;

Rent an aeroplane for professional medical evacuation and safe transportation of patients;

Rent aircraft for workforce rotation flights;

Charter an aeroplane for sports-related purposes;

Hire an aeroplane for a lengthy period of time;

Hire an aeroplane (for flight training, entertainment flights, sports events, etc.);

Rent a VIP lounge

Arrange a charter through the JetVip aviation broker – an opportunity for you to be the sole owner of a specific aircraft for the agreed time. You can adjust the time and date of departure, flight route and other parameters.

JetVip is an experiencedaviationbroker

With a broad set of search tools at its disposal and through partnership with the leading Russian and international operators, UAB "RYTINIS" will promptly identify the optimum option to suit your preferences and capabilities, and deliver any aircraft to any region of the world at the required time.

We are confident to say that hiring an aeroplane with us lets you enjoy top-class service at an affordable cost, qualified support, strict confidentiality, expertise and perfect safety of the entire flight.

8 years of experience in the industry
74 loyal customers
50 expert employees on staff
55 flights handled monthly

Our partners:

Flexibility, confidentiality and high service quality make us an ideal partner for you as you travel the world.

Key priorities:


Safe aircraft operation and flight safety promotion are our utmost priority.


Whether you need to hold business negotiations in London or take a ski tour of the Alps, our team is always there for you to suit your every wish. Just place your order, and let us manage.

Individual approach and confidentiality

We place the utmost importance on quality and individual approach to every customer, with an eye towards meeting all preferences and ensuring top flight comfort.

Through active cooperation with partnering business aviation companies, we are able to provide unprecedented service levels in Russia or elsewhere. Contact JetVip to entrust your flight issues to the best aviation broker available. With a wealth of experience in flight management and command of several foreign languages, our managers can settle any questions or doubts you may have pertaining to aircraft hire in a most comprehensible, clear and quick manner.

Save your time and money as you travel the planet with us, enjoying speed and maximum comfort.

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