Business Aviation in Russia.

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Cамолеты Бизнес авиации

Splendid business jets for hire at great rates

Experts opinion is that JETVIP LLC as the most dynamic business aviation broker in Russia

Hiring a private plane

in just a few steps


VIP service by a personal manager

This expert is going to handle everything: legalities, technical issues, luggage check-in and paperwork at the airport. All you have to do is relax and attend to your affairs with no trivialities to distract you.

Individual service

We will pick the best cabin attendants for your flight. Top-class in-flight service is guaranteed!

Professional pilots

Business aviation pilots undergo regular training in the best flight schools of Germany, France and the United States each year. You can select the pilot to fly your plane.

Вusiness aviation news

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Business aviation: particular aspects

These flights do not depend on any schedules,pre-setroutes or long waits.

JetVip lets you schedule your flight and select the aircraft individually.

A flight proposal will be ready in just 20 minutes, and in some 2-3hours,you could already be airborne.

All formalities (documents, luggage, etc.) will be settled by your personal manager.


You fly with your own companions (there are business jets capable of carrying 6, 8, 12 or more passengers), following your individual route.

The small aircraft used in business aviation are capable of landing even on small community airfields, which are not accessible for a common jet liner.

Business implies mobility, and sometimes it is necessary to set out to the required place within just a couple of hours.

This is when no waits, queues or delays can be tolerated – and business aviation offers you the right solution.

It eliminates any flight restrictions whatsoever – passengers fly with no connections straight to their destination.

Benefits of business aviation

A broad range of properly trained pilots and flight attendants to choose from.
Mobility and operational efficiency – departure and arrival, flight route, catering, Wi-Fi availability and other aspects only depend on the customer's own preferences. No queuing, waiting for a flight or any other time loss at all. You set off when you wish to.
VIP service that offers a number of work and recreation opportunities on board, allowing you to conduct negotiations or enjoy a meal from some of the best restaurants (Pushkin, Novikov and many more)
A fleet of about 5000 business jets is guaranteed to offer you the optimum aircraft type in terms of seating capacity and flight performance, saving the unnecessary costs of empty seats, unwanted services and other expenses

Call +7 (495) 150-04-97 or contact a professional business aviation broker at to learn more about the benefits of business aviation or book a flight with the right aircraft through JetVip LLC.

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